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Solarsport Equine 30 Superior
Solarsport Equine 30 Superior

Why Solarsport Equine 30 Superior is good for your Horse:
Unlike human sunscreens, Solarsport Equine 30 Superior is specifically designed to provide maximum UVA (Aging Rays) & UVB (Burning Rays) sun protection for your horse, whilst greatly reducing the chance of Skin Cancer, skin irritations and the usual problem of depleting low suncare performance.

Solarsport Equine 30 Superior takes away long-standing suncare problems in an instant. It's a luxury instant absorption sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor(spf) of 30 and a Superior 4 Star rating. Sinking into the skin in seconds, it leaves an invisible moisturised, long lasting sun protectorant film. Its so easy to apply too,with a unique user-friendly soft applicator pad - simply squeeze & smooth in.

S.E. is non-greasy and replenishes essential natural oils lost during exposure to sunlight, one daily application can last up to 7 hrs. Its water resistant too! and remains effective even after a short summer rain shower.

Whilst most full SunBlock products are Reflective based screens (containing metal Oxides) they must be plastered onto the skin (like on a Cricketer's face) and left thick like 'Icing' to be totally effective. It stands to reason that while these may work perfectly well upon initial application, daily foraging and grazing, together with constant muzzle/mouth-licking, is highly likely to remove the protective coating from the sensitive areas that you are actually trying hardest to protect.

Recognising that most animals are sensitive to creams & lotions, S.E. is hypo-allergenic and scientifically formulated to care, replenish and daily sun-protect.

Why Solarsport Equine 30 Superior is good for you:
Easy to apply soft pad means No more greasy, messy hands. You're safe in the knowlege that Solarsport Equine is providing maximum, long lasting direct-sun protection.

Solarsport is so affordable every owner can easily give their animal the required protection at reasonable prices.

Even the light subtle fragrance is comforting... and we're green too, our environmentally friendly packing is fully recycleable.

Solarsport Equine 30 Superior is handy for you and for your horse, simply squeeze & smooth for a total peace of mind.

Yes, there are alternatives, you can buy a cheap family sized bottle of generic suncream, but these will not be designed to be Equine-friendly. Nor will they have the unique benefits and advantages that Solarsport Equine can offer.

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